Renew, Connect and Play
The Journey Continues
DeKoven Center, Racine, Wisconsin


In 2015, the first Gathering of Women was held in the St. Louis area. It attracted nearly 70 women from 7 states. You can be part of the second Gathering, open to women who have—and have not—completed the Woman Within Weekend. Bring your friends and family!
Join us at DeKoven Center, a historic site one block from Lake Michigan. It offers a beautiful setting, delicious food and comfortable accommodations.

Features of the Gathering

  • Sunrise ceremony
  • Walks/runs along Lake Michigan
  • Interactive keynote presentation
  • Stimulating concurrent sessions
  • Leisurely meals with time for connection
  • Opportunities to reconnect with women you know and seldom see
  • Meeting women from many locations
  • A Silent Auction

What attendees liked about the first Gathering of Women

  • Feeling a sense of community
  • Celebration of the Feminine
  • Being with powerful, loving women
  • Opportunities for personal exploration
  • Space to be myself
  • Relaxed approach and how much we laughed
  • Quality of concurrent sessions
  • Connecting with honest women

OPENING SESSION—Women’s Voices of Resilience
What is resilience? Resilience is a way of facing and understanding the world that is deeply etched into a person’s mind and soul. It can enable you to make it through times of enormous stress and change, brought on by loss, illness, abuse, injustice, trauma, relationship problems, workplace and financial distress. Being resilient doesn’t mean that you don’t experience difficulty and emotional pain. You do AND you face down reality, make meaning of hardship, and build bridges to a fuller, better future. What’s going on in your life that calls for resilience?

Women who have learned how to walk the path of resilience in the presence of seemingly unbearable tragedy and adversity will share some of what that’s been like. As you listen to these women, you’ll be more able to recognize how you draw on resilience without even knowing it. You may learn some new ways of activating resilience and how to choose what YOU know will serve you best. We invite you to participate in this experience with an open mind and heart.

We’re in the process of putting together the program for the 2017 Gathering of Women. Updates will be posted to this page as they are available. Register now to hold your space

To REGISTER for the Gathering and to pay the fee by credit/debit card, complete the registration form below.  Then choose “Make Payment” to take you to PayPal. To pay by check, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

There are two sets of rates: one with payment by May 15 and one with payment after May 15.

PACKAGE A—Full Weekend Package
$195 by May 15 $225 after May 15
Includes lodging on Friday and Saturday nights, based on two or three to a room; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast on Sunday; access to hot and cold beverage bar; and all session and activities.

SINGLE ACCOMMODATIONS RATE:  Single rooms are only available to those who choose the Full Weekend Package. Add $50 to the fee to stay in a single room. Text Mary Ann Armour at 314.954.3822 to see if any single rooms are available.

PACKAGE B—Saturday & Sunday Package
$175 by May 15 $205 after May 15
Includes lodging on Saturday night, based on two or three to a room; lunch and dinner on Saturday; breakfast on Sunday; access to hot and cold beverage bar; and all sessions and activities.

PACKAGE C—Commuter Package—includes all sessions and activities with no lodging
$125 by May 15 $155 after May 15
Includes all sessions and activities; lunch and dinner on Saturday; access to hot and cold beverage bar; and all session and activities.

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Payment by check – Make your check payable to Woman to Woman Midwest and mail to:   Mary Ann Armour, Director of Training, 1010 S Carolina St, Louisiana, MO 63353-2328

Download the registration form using the link below and mail with your check.

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With questions, call Mary Ann Armour at 314.954.3822.