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Click for Staffing Application

Staffing is a powerful and sacred experience. Women witnessing and holding space for other women is an ancient and honored tradition. As a staff member, you help to create and hold the container for other women to experience the transformational power of the Woman Within Weekend.

Women who staff are rewarded with many gifts in return — continued growth, learning new skills, deep connection with other women and the energy that flows when women come together to form a circle of healing.

Staffing is a commitment — in time, energy and money. If you are interested in staffing, review the staffing policy and requirements.

Staffing Requirements

  1. Completed the Woman Within Weekend.
  2. Completed Woman Within/Empowerment Circle Training. This requirement is waived if training or Woman Within/Empowerment Circles are not available in your area.
  3. Completed Woman Within Staff Training (formerly called One Day Staff Training) for all staff positions.
  4. Completed Woman Within Skills Workshop (formerly called Women Empowering Women -- WEW) is required for nurturer, small group leader, assistant team leader, team leader and facilitation team member.
  5. Committed to continued personal growth. It is critical that each staff member commit to doing her individual work apart from the Woman Within Weekend so that she can be fully present and available for participants in the program.
  6. Payment of $150 staffing fee. Arrangements can be made for payment over time if a woman is unable to pay the entire staffing fee by the deadline. Contact Mary Ann Armour, Director of Training, at for more information.
  7. Attend the Celebration following the Woman Within Weekend. Out of town staff are exempt.

Staffing Policy & Process

  • The Woman to Woman Midwest staffing committee selects staff from a pool of qualified applicants.
  • Staff selection is based on a number of factors including qualifications to fill leadership roles, relationship with a woman who is particiapting in the Weekend, prior staffing experience, certification in CPR and First Aid, service to an organization in the Woman Within Network, and number of times available to staff in a year.
  • Each staff applicant is notified by email no later than 30 days prior whether she has been confirmed to staff or is placed on an alternate list in the event additional staff are needed.

Woman Within welcomes all women and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Woman to Woman Midwest Staff Application

Complete the staff application (below) and submit by email or print and mail to:

Mary Ann Armour
Woman to Woman Midwest
1010 South Carolina St
Louisiana, MO 63353-2328
Phone: 314-954-3822
Fax: 573-754-3880

Applications are welcome at anytime, however, it is advised to submit your application 60 days before the Woman Within Weekend you are applying to staff. Applications received after the 60-day deadline will be considered on an as-needed basis.

Be accountable for the commitment you make to staff — select the Weekend(s) you are applying to staff and keep a record of the dates. Notify Mary Ann Armour as soon as possible if your availability changes prior to the Weekend(s) you have applied to staff.

If you do not see the staffing application directly below, hit the Refresh button on your web browser to update the screen. Contact the Staffing Coordinator if you continue to have problems seeing the staffing form.

Name as you want it to appear on your name badge
Home Phone
Work Phone
Cell Phone
Date of Birth
Health conditions that impact my stamina and capacity to lift and carry
Special accommodations needed to staff
I am a health care professional

If yes, please specify:

I am certified in CPR

If yes, certification expiration date:
I am certified in First Aid

If yes, certification expiration date:

Date and location of my
Woman Within Weekend

I have completed the Woman Within Staff Training (formerly called
One Day Staff Training).

If yes, when:
and where:
I have completed the Woman Within Skills Workshop (formerly called Women Empowering Women Workshop)

If yes, when:
and where:

I have completed Woman Within Wholeness Workshop (formerly called Woman Within Level 2)

If yes, when:
and where:

I have completed the Woman Within/Empowerment Circle Training

If yes, when:
and where:

Number of times I have staffed a Woman Within Weekend
Level on Woman Within facilitation track:
I want to be considered for the following staff positions Nurturer
Team Leader
Assistant Team Leader
Small Group Leader
Facilitation Team Member
No specific requests
Language(s) other than English that I speak fluently
Through staffing, I seek to gain
I support my ongoing growth and development by
Select the dates of each Woman Within Weekend you are applying to staff

September 29-October 1, 2017; Crestwood, KY (Louisville metro area)
November 10-12, 2017;

I commit to be accountable by keeping a record of the WOMAN WITHIN WEEKEND dates I requested. (Print your application before submitting by email.)

If I am no longer available to staff the Weekend(s) which I requested, I commit to inform Mary Ann Armour, Director of Training for Woman to Woman Midwest ASAP.

If emailing, your typed name here constitutes your signature.
Submit application
or print and send by mail to:
Mary Ann Armour
1010 South Carolina St
Louisiana, MO 63353-2328